A working art studio and gifty space for people who like unusual and wonderful things.

a few things you might be interested in...

because you might live far away Tangerine will be listing a few
handmade items here to purchase.  they will be posted as soon as
they hit the shop so you will have first dibs. remember that
these items are handmade one-at-a-time, some may be originals
and there will be limited opportunity to purchase them, not to
worry we will keep making wonderful things for you to enjoy.

to order
call Tangerine at: 925-548-8447 ask for gina and she will process your order that day.  
you can also email questions and/or order requests to elevenmorning@yahoo.com.  (do not send
payment information to email address please.)

you can pay by credit card or by personal check.  orders will be sent our when payment is
confirmed.  shipping will be added to your payment total.

there will be an opportunity for wholesale orders at a later date for some items. please email
requests to the above email address, please put "wholesale request" in the message box.

items will be posted soon!