a working art studio and gifty space for people who like unusual and wonderful things.

once upon a time...

there once was a woman who lived in the suburbs and made art in her studio
all day.  the studio was elevenmorning and gina gabriell is that woman...

in 2008 a wonderful opportunity presented itself and she decided to open a
shop in a tiny space in the middle of town.

the shop carries ephemera, unusual art supplies, and a window full of odd
gifts and pretty things.

tangerine believes in artists not factories.  there is nothing more
beautiful or precious than a well made wooden toy, a hand stitched baby
quilt,  a bowl thrown by a girl who loves clay, a blown glass bead or a
fat bar of soap made with home grown herbs and goats milk.

at tangerine you can find wonderful gifts that you just can't find
anywhere else most of it made by hand, by people who love to make art.

gina gabriell is an artist who has lived in dublin for 16 years.  she
attended the california college of art where she majored in sculpture.
she has been making and showing her art locally and internationally for
twelve years.  gabriell also wrote and illustrated her first children's
Pink Sky that was published in april of 2008.

make art =  be happy
All rights reserved.